My Opening Statement

Before you begin answering the questions asked by My Own Voice and, in doing so, making your wishes regarding your care clearly known, are there any opening remarks you would like to share with the family, loved ones and caregivers who will be watching this video?


My Primary Decision Makers

If you are sick, disabled, and not able to communicate or make decisions on your own, who do you want to make decisions on your behalf about your medical care? If that person wasn’t available, who would you choose as an alternate decision maker?


What Makes Life Meaningful

What makes life worth living for you and, were you to lose your ability to do those things, would make life less meaningful or not worth living?


My Hopes for My Final Days

When you think about the very end of your life, what would you like that to look like? How would you describe that experience?

Considerations: Understandably, we can't control everything about how we're going to die. But if you could control some things, what would you hope for?

My Fears for My Final Days

When it comes to the end of your life, what do you most fear or want to avoid?


Quality vs. Quantity of Days

Medical science can be incredible in its ability to keep a person alive for an extended period of time. With this in mind, when it comes to your final days, would you place more importance on the quantity of those days or the quality of them?”


Life Extending Measures

If you can’t communicate as a result of a coma, severe brain damage, dementia or disabled condition and there is little real hope of a cure or recovery, what life-extending measures and treatments do you support your decision maker withholding? What life-extending measures do you not want done?


Instructions for After My Death

After you pass away, what do you want to be done with your body?


My Closing Remarks

Is there anything else you would like your family, friends and loved ones to know?


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